Bienvenidos a Discronía Films

  • Una noche de esas

    Videoclip del tema “Una Noche de Esas” para el grupo Rock’n Rolla.

  • Good vibes at Guanabana

    (Español) Video promocional para el restaurante Guanabana.

  • What’s inside Zilta?

    Website video for Zilta

  • Garúa

    Promotional video for the string quartet formation Garúa

  • Unhate Café

    Spot for the Valencian cafeteria Unhate Café.

  • The prince and the dragon (El príncipe y el dragón)

    Lucía is a girl with a big problem, a challenge she has not yet overcome: Using the toilet as the rest of the grown ups do. One night her mother tells her the story of a Prince and his epic struggle with a fierce dragon, a story that will help her as an inspiration to rise above her own fears and become the hero of her own story.

  • CAM_01

    A tortured and tied up man will try to escape his destiny in an interrogation where who is the victim and who is the executioner is no longer clear.

  • Una semana de ausencia (A week of absence)

    Documentary that captures the performance created by the artist José Iglesias in which he attempts to deny his human presence and experiments with the concept of absence by covering his body and face for a week.

  • huellas reducido

    Huellas de la memoria (Traces of a memory)

    The skeleton of the old cement factory of Los Santos de Maimona turns into one more character of this documentary, surrounded by the memories and stories of those who lived there in the fifties and sixties. An attempt to link those years with the present of the long forgotten factory.